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Now is Great Time To Ride a Bike!

Cycling is a great way to practice social distancing while getting some exercise.  Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or trying it for the first time, it’s important to review safety measures as well as tips to prevent common cycling injuries.

Safety First – Top 3

  1. Always wear a properly fitted helmet.
  2. Verify your bike is the appropriate size and fit for you.
  3. Loose clothing can be a hazard – wear appropriate and bright (easily seen) attire.

Our partners at AOC Twilight in Athens provided an informative link for more bicycle safety guidelines this past weekend during the Twilight Criterium, please visit to stay informed.

Now that you have your helmet, and it fits perfect, and a great bike that’s going to be your best friend on many adventures, we need to make sure your body and bike sync.  There are many injuries that can be attributed to cycling but education and prevention is the key.

Injury Prevention – Most Common Cycling Injuries

High speed

High speed is the most common cause and result in injury on a bike resulting in superficial soft tissue trauma and/or musculoskeletal trauma.  Wear your helmets, please!

Knee Pain

Not surprisingly, knees suffer the most overuse injuries in the sport. Be sure to verify you have the appropriate and proper saddle height, and if you are riding clipless pedals, make sure that your cleat position is correct.

Neck and Lower Back Pain

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it time and time again on how important it is to maintain good posture.  Spending long amounts of time in a stationary position can cause stress on any muscle so be sure to relax your upper body and move around occasionally. Also, bend from the hips, not the lower back. Your back should look straight, not curved.

Achilles Tendonitis

This is another overuse injury and the cause of inflammation.  Always verify your body mechanics are properly positioned on your bike, such as proper saddle height in contrast to your pedals as well as well positioned cleats in pedals.

Muscle Tightness & Fatigure

Tightness can lead to tearing so establishing a thorough warm up and cool down routine to keep your muscles flexible is very important.  Remember also to allow time for your body to rest and recover.

A trusted orthopedic is also an essential piece of the puzzle to staying safe and healthy.  Athens Orthopedic Clinic is your partner, not only when you’re injured and seek care, but also as an advocate to deliver tools to keep you and your family injury free.

If you experience a cycling injury or have questions regarding a past injury, Athens Orthopedic Clinic’s team of expert physicians are ready and available to treat and help you recover.  Request an appointment online or call (706) 549-1663 to be seen at a convenient location or via telehealth.