Shoe Tips

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11 Jan 2022
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Whether you're a novice or a seasoned runner, having the "right" pair of running shoes can make a world of difference in not only the health of your feet but your enjoyability during and after the sport.

All shoes are not created equal.

Plain sneakers can quickly lead to injury due to support issues. Find a store that specializes in running shoes and invest in a quality pair that fits the needs of your goal and the unique shape of your feet.

Also, keep in mind, feet tend to swell in the afternoon. Buy new running shoes late in the day to ensure they will fit comfortably even when your feet are swollen.

Good socks.

Wearing plain cotton socks can lead to painful blisters. Good quality socks designed for running are a great investment to keep your feet healthy.

Practice good hygiene.

Overgrown toenails are potential hazards. Keep your feet clean and dry and trim your toenails regularly.

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