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Foot & Ankle

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Georgia’s Foot and Ankle Specialists

AOC’s highly-trained Foot & Ankle specialists treat orthopedic and podiatric conditions with both non-operative and operative techniques honed over years of practice. With state-of-the-art orthotics, bracing, and individualized treatment, our physicians will get you back to doing what you love, taking care of you every step of the way.

Where Treatment Begins

Whether you experience a sudden foot injury or are dealing with a chronic ankle issue, our specialized staff has the expertise needed to treat you. And our services don’t stop after surgery.  At our main campus we have imaging, surgery, and physical therapy center, only steps away to ensure you never have to travel far.

Advanced Technologies and Techniques

No matter who you are, you use your feet a lot. That means foot and ankle injuries can be annoying at best and debilitating at worst. Thankfully, the past decade has seen tremendous advancements in how these injuries are diagnosed and treated. Our specialized physicians and staff are trained in the most cutting-edge technologies and techniques, so you get the best foot and ankle care possible, whether you have a simple sprain or require a full ankle replacement.

Conditions Treated