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William C. Tally, MD

Spine, Neck & Back

Dr. Tally is a MD / Specialist in All Aspects of Spine/Scoliosis/Deformity correction, minimally invasive procedures and endoscopic techniques. Dr.. Tally is fellowship trained in scoliosis and all aspects of adult and pediatric spine and neck care, including fracture, degenerative disc and bone disease, tumor, and neural compression. He has dual training in both neurological and orthopedic spine and neck techniques, and he specializes in minimally invasive (MIS) and endoscopic surgery.

Professional Qualifications (CLICK TO EXPAND)


American Medical Association
American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
North American Spine Society
ASIA - American Spinal Cord Injury Association , Member
Scoliosis Research Society


SMISS: Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

ISASS: The International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery, Editorial Review Board Member


Medical Physician and Surgeon, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

USMLE Step I      221

USMLE Step II    208

USMLE Step III   214

10/06    Passed Written American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons Exam-

9.09       Board Certified by ABOS

7/07       Unrestricted Georgia medical license


First Percutaneous Lumbar Fusion in Asia – June 2012

Data Presentation on outcomes of OLLIF and AMCICO meeting – July 2012


Globus Medical:



Caliber L


Zeus O

Savannah T



Percutaneous Transverse Process Decortication

To watch the patient education video on OLLIF, click here.


Rothman Institute.

Georgia Regenerative Spine


  • Tally, William, “Lumbar Interbody Fusion Through Kambin’s Triangle for Degenerative Spine and Adult Deformity: Surgical Technique and The Evidence”, Seminars in Spine Surgery Volume 30, Elsevier (December 2018)
  • Standalone cervical in Multilevel ACDF in review ISJSpine
  • “Outpatient/ASC ACDF safety and efficacy by surgical level” International Journal Spine Surgery 7(2013) pp84-87.
  • TLIF technique and Indication Vaccaro et TEXT BOOK- in press 12/12
  • SMISS 10/12 Poster OLLIF safety and Feasibility
  • SRS meeting San Antonio poster presentation. Quantification of vertebral derotation: cadaveric study 9/2009
  • IMAST e-poster: 2009 Cadaveric Study on Sequential Release on Vertebral Derotation.  Shah, Tally et al
  • Tally, Rushton “Mini-open Anterior Lumbar Approach and Interbody Fusion” DVD surgical video series.  Copyright 2007 SR Medical Consulting
  • Auerbach, Tally, ‘PCDF’ in Sheth, Lonner Gowned and Gloved 2008
  • Tally, Rushton ‘ACDF’, in Sheth, Lonner Gowned and Gloved  2008
  • Tally, William Auerbach, Josh, Balderston, Richard, Radiographic Evaluation in Lumbar Total Disc Replacement, Assessment of Potention Candidacy and Range of, Seminars in Spine Surgery Volume 19, Issue 2, Pages 57-124 (June 2007)
  • Tally, William Vaccaro, Alexander  ‘Tree Stand Injuries’­ Spine Journal, June 2008
  • Puschak, Tally et al, ‘Endoscopic Laminotomy/Foraminotomy for Herniated Cervical Disk,’ in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Vaccaro, Bono ed. 2007
  • William Tally MD Deepan Patel BS, Alexander Vaccaro,; Cervical Burst Fracture Management, (in print)
  • William Tally MD, J Grauer MD, Alexander Vaccaro MD; Should Excised Disc Material Undergo Pathologic Analysis?, SpineLine. 2002 Nov/Dec; 3(6): 12-14.
  • Makela S, Davis VL, Tally WC, Korkman J, Salo L, Vihko R, Santti R, Korach KS., Dietary Estrogens Act through Estrogen Receptor–Mediated Processes and Show No Antiestrogenicity in Cultured Breast Cancer Cells. Environ Health Perspect. 1994 Jun;102(6-7):572-8.
  • Couse JF, Davis VL, Tally WC, Korach KS., An Improved Method of Genomic DNA Extraction for Screening Transgenic Mice, Biotechniques. 1994 Dec; 17(6):1030-2.


John T Caldwell Merit Scholar– full academic merit scholarship to North Carolina State University

Wake Forest Alumni Scholar– full academic merit scholarship to Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Summa Cum Laude NCSU

Selected to North Carolina State University Fellows Program

University Scholars Program at North Carolina State University

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Honors Program (NCSU)

College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Honors Program (NCSU)

Patent Pending- articulating addition PLF system- Amendia 3/15

Surgeon advisory board “Acculif”, Stryker Medical 2/15

Journal of Spinal Disorders and Techniques- Named Peer Reviewer 2/15

Patent pending (x3) for percutaneous pedicle screw revision system 2/15

‘Spine Specialist to Know About” featured 1/14 edition “Becker Spine”

Patent Pending – “bone graft shaper” 6/14

Patent pending – ‘posture protector’11/13

Surgeon designer – Amendia expandable OLLIF

Design team Globus- MARS 3v gen 2 LLIF retractor system

Design consultant Globus Medical – in line ACDF system

Editorial Review Board: International Spine Journal

Faculty: International Intradiscal Therapy and Transforaminal Society

Attending Surgeon International Spine and Orthopedic Institute

Performed first Percutaneous Lumber Fusion OLLIF in Asia 6/2012 FUSO hospital/Soochow University Soochow China

PI in Globus study ‘Caliber-L Prospective Outcome Evaluation’

Design Consultant-royalties Amendia Savannah-T system

Design Consultant Globus Lateral Interbody Cage design team/ royalties.

Caliber-L 9/10

Design consultant Amendia Medical- cervical (Athena) and lumbar project (OLIF)

Co-investigator: Dysphagia/dysphonia: prospective evaluation of Globus Coalition. 4/10

2009 Globus Lateral Access MARS retractor design consultant

2009 NASS Scientific Abstract Committee Review Member

2009 Osseofix Compression Fracture Vertebral Body Augmentation IDE study.

Dewberry PI, Tally co-investigator.

2009 Duragen Neural Fibrosis Barrier Study- Investigator- Dewberry PI

2009 Primary User Group- evaluation of new technology Globus revolve percutaneous pedicle screw system.

2007-2008 Site PI Nuvasive Formagraft Posterior Lateral Fusion Efficacy Study

2007 Investigator/IDE Nuvasive Neodisc Equivalency Trial

2007 Faculty Appointment with MERC (Musculo-skeletal Education and Research Center)

1994 summer; ‘Roman Aqaba Project’- archeological expedition

1992-1994- served as laboratory assistant to Kenneth Korach, Ph.D.                      Laboratory of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology, Receptor Biology division, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health, Research Triangle, North Carolina.

1992 Summer School- Oxford University, Christ College

1990 Duke University Comprehensive Cancer Center summer research appointment, Dr. Robert Bast MD director

1989 NC Summer Ventures Program for outstanding Seniors


  • DCI- Cadaver Processing Conference- ViaGraft presentation Nashville Tn 5/15
  • Castellvi Spine- FORE- “Expandable interbody technology” Duck Key Fl 5/15
  • Vivex board of Governors- Viagraft data summary Miami 5/14
  • ISASS Meeting, Poster “exparel:asc setting” San Francisco Ca 4/14
  • Globus Medical- MIS Revision Strategies- Surgeon educator Nashville Tn 4/15
  • Amendia Medical OLLIF cadaver lab Atl, GA 2/15
  • Vivex- Investor Meeting- Preliminary ViaGraft data presentation Miami, FL 2/15
  • LLIF- Direct Look, Globus Medical, Miami FL 1/15
  • OLLIF Cadaver training Lab, Amendia Medical, Atlanta GA 12/14
  • Globus Medical Strategic Advisory Committee, Part of NASS meeting, San Francisco CA 11/14
  • Advanced LLIF Techniques, Globus Medical/MERC, New Orleans LA, 10/14
  • ACCULIF, MIS Applications and Techniques, Stryker Medical, Chicago IL, 10/14
  • Globus Medical, TLIF MIS Techniques, Chicago IL, 9/14
  • Advanced LLIF Techniques, MERC/Globus Medical. Miami FL 9/14
  • SMISS- Oral podium presentation paper 95 ‘Liposomal Bupivacaine utilization for spinal surgery in an ambulatory setting’, Miami, 9/14
  • SMISS Poster presentation ‘Liposomal Bupivacaine, safety in spinal procedures’ Miami, 9/14
  • Globus medical, “Advanced TLIF concepts”, lecture and cadaver lab, Chicago 9/14
  • MERC/Globus medical, Advanced LLIF techniques and concepts. Podium presenter and cadaver instructor.  Atlanta 9/14
  • Amendia Medical- OLLIF and SED/endoscopic cadaver lab, Atlanta GA 8/14
  • Amendia- OLLIF and TOWLLIF surgeon training Atlanta GA 6/14
  • Globus Medical Strategic Advisory Board- new technology evaluation Audubon 5/14
  • ISASS- Miami 5/14 Oral Poster ‘OLLIF safety and feasibility’
  • Amendia Medical- OLLIF and SED/Endoscopic cadaver lab- GA Tech translational research lab, Atlanta GA 4/14
  • FORE- CSSS podium presentation ‘Current concepts in expandable interbody technology’ and
  • ‘Anatomy of Kambin’s Triangle’ Duck Key, 4/14
  • Amendia Medical/ASAP OLLIF cadaver lab- proctor Atlanta GA 2/14
  • Globus Medical – Roundtable Peer Discussion- Future of LLIF: 8 surgeon panel convened to guide the future of Globus product development (Choll Kim, Dan Cohen, Joe O’Brien, Chad Prusmac, Cahill, Tally) 1/14 Philadelphia pa
  • Amendia Medical/ASAP, OLLIF cadaver lab/Endoscopic assisted, Atlanta GA 12/13
  • Stryker Spine endoscopic technology evaluation lab, LA, 10/2013
  • SMISS- Session Moderator, case presentation ‘Traumatic Fracture Requiring Some Degree of Stabilization and Decompression’ Las Vegas 10/13
  • NASS- Endoscopic Foramenotomy cadaver lab, onsite surgeon training, Sponsored by Amendia/ASAP New Orleans 10/13
  • Amendia Medical/ASAP OLLIF/endoscopic foramenotomy surgeon training cadaver lab Atlanta GA 9/13
  • Amendia Medical OLLIF surgeon training, cadaver lab San Diego 8/13
  • ASAP/Amendia Medical OLLIF/Endoscopic Foramenotomy surgeon training, cadaver lab Atlanta GA 7/13
  • ASAP/Amendia Medical Endoscopic Foramenotomy/OLLIF surgeon training Atlanta GA 6/13
  • Globus Medical TLIF surgeon training/cadaver lab Providence RI 5/13
  • Stryker Spine ‘Fellows Day With Dr. Alex Vaccaro’ Mahwah NJ, Presenter 5/13
  • Amendia Medical ‘new technology evaluation’ Austin TX 5/13
  • Stryker Spine ‘new technology evaluation’ Mahwah NJ 5/13
  • Globus Medical TLIF surgeon training/cadaver lab Phoenix AZ, 4/13
  • Amendia Medical OLLIF cadaver lab/surgeon training 4/13
  • Broadwater CME MIS vs. Open for Deformity; Presented on MIS vs. open Deformity options Savannah GA 3/13
  • Amendia Medical Cadaver Course- Physician trainer OLLIF/Sav-t Dallas TX 3/13
  • Amendia Medical Cadaver Course- Physician trainer OLLIF/Sav-t/Cavimend Miami 2/13
  • Broadwater- Spine on the Mountain CME- podium lecture- Expandable Technology present and future Vail Co 1/13
  • Globus Medical Cadaver Lab- Surgeon training LLIF Tampa FL 1/13
  • SOMAC Podium Presentation OLLIF feasibility study/ Standalone cervical Fusion- outcome /Demonstration Surgery- Awake OLLIF 12/12 Chiapas Mexico
  • South Carolina Neurosurgery Society- podium lecture OLLIF feasibility 12/12
  • Amendia Medical Cadaver Lab OLLIF/Sav–T Dallas TX 10/12
  • Globus Medical Cadaver Lab TLIF/LLIF- International Surgeon Course Globus Medical Audubon Pa 10/12
  • Amendia Medical, OLLIF cadaver lab MARC, Miami Flag, 10/12
  • Advanced International Sales Rep LLIF course- Globus Medical Headquarter- Instructor, Audubon PA 9/12
  • Amendia Cadaver lab OLLIF, Instructor 9/12 New Orleans LA
  • 2012 SMISS meeting poster ‘OLLIF safety and feasibility’ 9/12
  • MERC cadaver lab Miami FL, Globus Medical, presenter TLIF 9/12
  • Podium Speaker : Tony Yeung Desert Institute Endoscopic Society Meeting ‘OLLIF safety and feasibility study’ 8/12
  • Podium Presentation OLLIF Feasibility Study- WCMISST Bahia Brazil, 7/12
  • MISS techniques TLIF/OLLIF/Percutaneous pedicle screws: Amendia Medical cadaver lab, San Diego CA, 7/12
  • AMCICO 2012 Guadalajara Mexico; podium Presentation 6/12 OLLIF: safety and feasibility data, Scoli score; clinical application, First OLLIF in Asia Shuzoun hospital, Shusou China 6/12, Podium Presentation OLLIF: DISC/ MISS/Endoscopic Update
    Tony Yeung proctor 6/12
  • Amendia OLLIF cadaver lab, Dallas Texas 5/12
  • TLIF/LLIF skin-to-skin Lab: MERC, Tampa FL 4/12
  • Current Solutions in Spine Care, hands on breakout podium, OLIF Duck Key FL, 3/12
  • Amendia MIS lab, OLIF, Phoenix 3/12
  • LLIF, advanced surgeon training. Globus, Audubon pa 3/12
  • Amendia MIS technology demonstration lab Miami 1/12
  • Amendia OLIF cadaver lab presenter: Tucson AZ 12/11
  • LLIF for Advanced sales Rep- Cadaver and Lecture. Audubon/Globus 12/11
  • OLIF Cadaver Lab/lecture for Amendia MUSC lab 12/11
  • OLIF Cadaver Lab/lecture for Amendia UK SOM lab 11/11
  • 360 MIS fusion techniques: Physician lecture/cadaver lab GA. Tech. 10/11 Atlanta GA
  • MISS LLIF for Globus Medical- Physician training/cadaver lab Miami FL 8/11
  • OLIF cadaver lab/lecture series for Amendia Medical, Atlanta GA 6/11
  • MISS LLIF Globus Medical Seattle- Physician training/cadaver lab Seattle Washington 6/11
  • MISS techniques- resident course Globus Medical- lecture and cadaver lab. 7/11
  • MISS Techniques- International visiting surgeon series: Presenter/Preceptor Globus Medical Cadaver Lab. Audubon Pa 4/11
  • Lecturer/Preceptor OLIF Training Course. Amendia Medical, Atlanta GA 3/11
  • CME Lecture- Athens Regional Medical Center: Current Concepts in Scoliosis Surgery/ ARMC 2/11
  • Lecturer/Preceptor Transcontinental Technique. Globus Medical Audubon Pa 1/11
  • Physician Lecture- employee training LLIF and neuromonitoring: Globus Medical, Audubon, PA 12-10.
  • Proctor: Globus advanced LLIF training .  Cadaver lab and lecture presentation 11/10.  Audubon PA
  • Physician lecture: Lecture: TLIF cadaver course University of Maryland Spine lab. Townsend Maryland.   10/09
  • Globus employee training LLIF/Cadaver lab. Audubon PA 9/10
  • Host/presenter LLIF Cadaver lab for surgeons. Globus medical lab Audubon PA. 8/10
  • UGA/MCG medical partnership: student lecture on current concepts in spine care. Case correlate and physical exam.  7?10
  • Host/Lecturer: Globus LLIF anatomy Course. Georgia Tech campus, Atlanta GA, 6/1
  • Lecturer: Globus Anatomic Concepts of the Spine. Philadelphia PA, 5/10
  • Lecturer: MERC emerging technology in spinal surgery: LLIF technique, indications and complications.  Miami FL, 4/10
  • ACDF technique and Instrumentation- Globus Medical course 2/10
  • Globus medical- sales training ACDF technique and instrumentation 10/09
  • SRS poster presentation: Incremental Scoliosis Correction with posterior element sectioning. Mizunda, Shah, Tally
  • Poster Presentation Georgia Orthopedic Society ACDF in ASD: safety study 9/09
  • Spinal Anatomy/CNS Anatomy/Muscle physiology lecture series: Globus Medical training seminar 3/09
  • MILDER- surgeon instructor minimally invasive spinal techniques- Globus Medical 5/09
  • Lateral Interbody Fusion- Cadaver Lab instructor for Surgeon training- Globus Medical 4/09
  • Lateral anterior interbody fusion technique and pearls: Globus Medical training series 3/09
  • Spinal Anatomy/CNS Anatomy/Muscle physiology lecture series: Globus Medical training seminar 3/09
  • Lecturer Percutaneous Posterior Lumbar Instrumentation Techniques: Globus Medical Physician training seminar 1/23/2009
  • Presenter- MERC Roundtable Discussion- Interesting Cases and Complications NY, NY. 12/6/2008.
  • Faculty “Management of Spinal Complication’ Podium lecture ‘Hardware failure in the T/L Spine’ and ‘Neuro complications in Deformity Surgery’ MERC New Orleans 11/14-15 2008.
  • Spinal Anatomy/Surgeon Marketing lecture series. Globus Medical Training Seminar 10/26/2008 Philadelphia PA
  • Internal Medicine Grand Rounds ‘Neurogenic Claudication’ – Mercer School of Medicine- Savannah GA 10/21/2008
  • ‘Radiology for Engineers and Sales Professionals’ Depuy Spine in house education series lecture Sept 2008 Boston Ma;
  • ‘Marketing Your New Spine Practice’ Podium lecture 8th annual Jefferson Spine Fellows meeting 7/25-26/08 Orlando FL
  • Cadaver Study- spinal deroration efficacy- preliminary posterior element sectioning quantification. Globus Medical labs.  Audubon Pa 7/24/08
  • Participant Medtronic Round table discussion- Future direction for minimally invasive spinal surgery 7/16/08. Memphis TN
  • CME lecture St Joseph Spine Council “Derotation Techniques in Idiopathic Scoliosis Surgery”  6/25/08
  • Spinal Anatomy/Surgeon marketing lecture series. Globus Medical training seminar 6/2/08. Philadelphia PA
  • “Spinal Complications: A case based approach” MERC Conference. Lectures ‘Neuromonitoring complications’ and ‘Evaluation of Pseudo-arthrosis’ Las Vegas 11/07
  • Spinal Anatomy/CNS Anatomy/Muscle physiology lecture series: Globus Medical training seminar 10/07
  • ‘Current Concepts in Spinal Surgery’ Patient education forum Memorial University Health System 10/07
  • Fayssoux, Tally et al ‘Spinal Injuries Following Falls from Hunting Tree Stands’ Abstract presentation 22ndNorth American Spine Society,  Oct 2007.
  • ‘Treatment Strategies in Spine Surgery’ St Joe/Candler Health System patient, allied health education lecture series. 9/07
  • CNS/Spinal anatomy/CNS function lecture series. Globus Medical training seminar 7/31/07.
  • ‘Vertebral Body Derotation in Scoliosis-case based discussion’ Jefferson University Fellows Meeting. Newport RI, July 2007
  • Anatomic Cadaver Demonstrations: Depuy posterior cervical implant R&D team. MERIN Lab, Las Vegas Nevada, Mar, 07
  • ‘Disc Anatomy/Spinal Musculature/CNS Anatomy’ Globus Medical training seminar 3/12/2007
  • Tally, W. “Hunting Related Spinal Cord Injuries” Podium presentation, Jefferson Orthopedic Society Meeting-Trauma. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, May 2006.
  • ‘Orthopedic Injuries in the General Trauma Patient: Diagnosis and Management for the General Surgeon’ Podium lecture, Thomas Jefferson University Dept. Surgery Grand Rounds. April 2006
  • Tally, W  “Evolution of the Concept of Knowledge in Medicine” Grand Rounds, Department of Orthopedics, Thomas Jefferson University Department of Orthopedic Surgery. March 2006.
  • Tally, W.C., Analysis of Environmental Estrogen Activity in an In Vitro Cell Transfection System; Triangle Conference on Reproductive Biology, Research Triangle Park, NC January 1993.


Pacira Pharmaceuticals: consultant for outpatient Exparel utilization

Globus Medical (1 patent pending) Physician Educator LLIF/TLIF/product design/ Strategic Advisory Committee Member

Amendia Medical (7 patent pending) Physician Educator OLLIF/ Savannah-T Product Development/Tactical Advisory Board

Vivex Biologics- Consultant/research support

Stryker Spine Physician Educator/Product evaluation/ product development

Understanding Common Hand & Upper Extremity Conditions

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