New Brace Fitting and Measuring

Brace fitting and measuring is done at our main office in Athens:

  • Wednesday 10:00am to 12:00pm for Don Joy Braces.
  • Friday 11:30am to 1:00pm for Breg Braces.

To schedule an appointment for brace fitting or measuring please call our office at (706) 549-1663.

Typically you will be measured on the first visit, then one week later you will come in and be fitted for your brace. How much you pay and how quickly you get your brace depends upon your insurance company’s policies. We do not bill for Medicare or Medicaid bracing. The billing on Medicare and Medicaid will be done by the brace companies.

Insurance Coverage and Benefits

If you have questions regarding insurance coverage and benefits please contact your health insurance company.

Bracing Already Received

If you have a question regarding a brace you’ve already received please contact us at (706) 549-1663 and speak to one of the staff members listed below:

  • Gary Scott, ext. 3204
  • Zeb Rogers, ext. 3277

Also, you can contact:

  • Matt Kicklighter – Don Joy: 678.314.2855
  • Nick Barill – Bledsoe/Breg: 770.845.6340

For more information about your brace, please visit: