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Stem research yields exciting results for spine community

William C. Tally, MD
May 22, 2020

VAST Clinical Trial: Safely Supplementing Tissue Lost to Degenerative Disc Disease

by Douglas P. Beall, MD, Gregory L. Wilson, DO, Randolph Bishop, MD and William Tally, MD. 


  • This is the first study of any size to demonstrate significant and objective clinical benefit from treating the anatomic site that is by far the greatest source of back pain.
  • There was statistically significant improvement in function in the entire treated cohort.
  • There was statistically significant improvement in pain in the cohort of patients who had a greater than 20-point pain reduction.
  • Almost 60% of the patients had no back pain.
  • The results from the VAST trial is even better than the study that first created excitement for cellular therapy (MesoblastPhase 2).
  • VAST vs. Mesoblast Phase 2:
  • No Back Pain : 59% with VAST, 52% with Mesoblast Phase 2
  • More than 15-point reduction in ODI: 77% with VAST, 50% with Mesoblast Phase 2
  • As good as Basivertebral Nerve Ablation(Rhizotomy).

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William C. Tally, MD
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