Spine Health

Spine Health

State of the Art Care 

From neck and leg pain to scoliosis, the spine can be the source of many different ailments we experience. Athens Orthopedic Center’s fellowship-trained spine and scoliosis specialists provide each patient experiencing orthopedic spinal issues quality, state of the art care.  
The anatomy of the spine is complex, and the consequences of a spinal injury can vary significantly. Thanks to our specialized spine therapists, we are able to provide  expert care with a wide variety of treatment options, including pain management,  movement, and rehabilitation of the spine and neck.  

When to Seek a Spine Specialist  

Spinal injuries, and how they should be treated, can vary considerably. However, whether you are experiencing acute or chronic spinal pain, it is important to  promptly consult a spine doctor to determine the root of your injury and treat it accordingly. Acute spine pain can endure for up to 6 weeks, is typically caused by heavy lifting or a traumatic fall, and can be treated by a chiropractor. Chronic spine  pain, however, is a little more severe, can persist for over 3 months, and should be  treated by an expert orthopedist. 

How AOC Diagnoses Back and Neck Pain  

AOC utilizes a variety of state-of-the-art diagnostic tests in order to pinpoint the source of your spinal condition. Spinal injuries of any magnitude can hinder one’s ability to accomplish simple daily tasks that we often take for granted. This is why timing is key. Patients should seek assistance as soon as possible in order to identify the problem at hand and begin working towards recovery.  

Read the VAST Clinical Trial: Safely Supplementing Tissue Lost to Degenerative Disc Disease by Douglas P. Beall, Gregory L. Wilson, Randolph Bishop and William Tally.


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